Monday, February 13, 2017

Fricking mess . . .

I don't understand those that say they love winter. I think that's rather like the faithful wife who loves her husband despite the fact he beats her.
Last week we had bare patches of grass in the back yard. Then we got about ten inches of snow last Tuesday and another foot on Thursday. Saturday we spent three and a half  hours digging out of Friday night's twelve inches. Sunday morning was overcast and more snow expected. Made a quick dash up to Freeport and by the time we made it back home it started spitting snow again.
By two pm it was looking like this
By four pm there was enough our neighbor Tim across the street got plowed out.
And the town public works dept was knocking back the tops of the snow banks
By ten pm there was about ten inches on my grilling pad
It is gonna be a big one
Coming down in buckets
And more forecast for Wednesday
Eight am on Monday looking out the bathroom window. Must be sixteen inches on the grill pad.
Birds were desperate for food
Truck is buried
Had to dig ourselves out the back door. It was about three feet deep when I started.
Took ten minutes just to make it out to the garage
Yardstick on the cement grilling pad
Fifteen inches.
Three hours later I got the back . . .
 . . . and driveway cleared out,
 Annie dug out the truck and I took another hour and half to clear the roof
Will need a couple more hours of work before I am ready to get beat again on Wednesday


  1. I saw your area was going to get hit hard, and I wondered how you would make out. I know it's little recompense, but it sure is beautiful there with all that snow. Looks like Bavaria.

    I know it's the last thing you need, though, after your surgery.

    1. Harry, I am doing well after the surgery and all the original pain in my arm is gone now. But all this snow just means a whole lot of work and sore body at the end of the day. Manhandling the snowblower for 3 hours non stop takes its toll on a body. And then there is raking the roof with 17 inches of snow makes your shoulders hurt no matter what.

    2. Bavaria???? HA!!! more like a Siberian penal colony. ;-)

    3. Hey, I got up this morning, filled my coffee cup and sat down to watch the Weather Channel. They were talking about another big storm up your way. If it turns out they were right, I hope you have plenty of supplies stashed away!

    4. 5:20 pm Wed and it has been raining since about 1pm. It is supposed to turn to snow later. They are predicting another foot. Had about 3 feet of snow on the barn roof so I got up there and tried to shovel it off today but only got half way before it started to rain. Hope things don't get too heavy up there with all that water soaking in to the snow.

  2. Rain and snow are both four letter words, but I definitely prefer the former.

    1. Yes, at least rain I don't have to shovel.

  3. I love winter... in pictures! And I don't suffer snow like you, but I'm suffering a long spell of rainy days that makes it impossible to pour concrete in the foundations wells.

    1. Yes it is only pretty when it is romanticized in photos for those that don't have to shovel it ..... otherwise is is just painful.